Who Are We?

We are the student-led robotics team at Grady High School in Atlanta, Georgia. We believe that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are the keys to solving the big problems of today and tomorrow. 

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Our History

G3 Robotics was founded in 2004 with 10 students and four mentors. That year, with Turner Broadcasting as our only sponsor, we won the Rookie All-Star Award at the Peachtree Regional, and competed at the international level. Since then, we've grown to over 50 students, 12 mentors, and 16 sponsors. See our awards here.

The Future

Within the next several years, we hope to start a LEGO robotics team in every middle and elementary school in the Atlanta Public School System. In order to expand interest in STEM and the ideals of FIRST, we are promoting a new middle school competition based around practical applications of drones in the community. Through these efforts we hope to build the foundations for a stronger STEM community in Atlanta and Georgia as a whole.




Team Members – 54
College Graduation Rate – 99%
Community Service Hours – 6,263
Habitat for Humanity Builds – 4
Elementary Science Nights – 20
Lego Robotics Events Hosted – 14


Captain- Hannah Prausnitz-Weinbaum

Non-Engineering Operations (NEO)- Jacob Salomon

Engineering Operations- Emma Zuniga Martin

Junior Varsity Lead- Anthony Cochran

Drones For Good Lead (DFG)- Zoie Nichols

Team Roster


9th Grade

Alex Ng

Daniel Poss

Keir Shelton

Nicky Taylor

Jake Willoughby

Mackenzie York

Isabella Zuniga Martin

Ryan Martin


Adham Attia

Diego Attra

Richard Aytch

Benjamin Borthwick

Lindsey Curtis

Brody Dowling

Forest Dynes

Diego Gonzalez

David Montoya

10th Grade

Massassi Dukes

Zoe Franklin

Austin Geary

Owen Hawke

Catherine Opsahl

Charlie Robinson

Aleksandr Bruckman

Sam Castellano

Rebecca Chapman

Anthony Cochran

Lucas Cowden

Evelyn Craven

Cate Crutcher

11th Grade

Jacob Johnson

Jack Labadia

Agazi Meijer

Tim Merrill

Kian O'Rourke

Thomas Pierce

Remy Place

Emma Zuniga Martin


Thomas Anderson

Deacon Baker

Robert Brunet

Swagatam Das

Reed Fazenbaker

Crispin Gambill

Djourdan Gomes-Johnson

Felipe Gonzalez

Karl Haddock

12th Grade

Jacob Salomon

Komal Siddiqui

Nicholas Simon-Brecke


Nina Hannaford

Zoie Nichols

Hannah Prausnitz-Weinbaum

Reynaldo Wilson