Welcome Parents 

The information and linked documents below are needed to support your child as a member of G3 Robotics. Check back here often to sign up to volunteer or to find out what's going on with the team.

Board of Directors 2018-19 

Please email boosters@g3robotics.com if you are interested in serving on a committee for 2018-19. We need help with fundraising (sponsors), outreach events (FLL, DFG), travel, hospitality, volunteer  coordinator and more!  Congrats to these elected officers:

  • President  - Kelly Crutcher
  • Vice-President - Lee Martin
  • Secretary - Liz Opsahl
  • Treasurer - James Crutcher & Alyse Franklin
  • Board Chairs (Appointed):
    • Grants - Kevin Hawke, Sarah Zaslow
    • Travel - Richard Aytch
    • Hospitality - Open (Kathy Fazenbaker, advisor)
    • Outreach - Open (Lee Martin advisor)
    • Sponsorship - Open (Kelly Crutcher advisor)
    • Volunteer Coordinator/New Parent Engagement - Richard Aytch (need help on Parent night).


  • Aug 23 - Interest Meeting
  • Aug 29 - Tryouts 4:30-6:30
  • Aug 30 - Tryouts 4:30-6:30
  • Sept 4 - Student & Parent Orientation & Potluck (Mandatory) 6:30-8:30pm
  • Sept 12 - Booster Board Meeting 6:30
  • Sept 28 - Gaming Gauntlet
  • Oct 13 - GRITS




Board Committees need support-- see openings for chair too.

FIRST Team Member Registration 

FIRST requires all team members to register online and parents must complete an electronic consent and release. This is required for both new and returning team members each year.  For detailed instructions see this page.

18-19 TO BE UPDATED --It can be a little overwhelming to be the parent of a new G3 Robotics team member! We've put together a handbook for parents to help make this a little easier. Click here for an intro to the Grady Robotics & STEM Alliance, our booster organization, and a glossary of key terms that all G3 family members should know.

REQUIRED FORMS to join the team

This required document has two parts.  Both must be completed each year to allow participation.

  1. The Student Contract is signed by the student and acknowledged by the parent to indicate that they understand and agree to the requirements for G3 membership.
  2. The Parent Waiver is a legal document that releases rights and waives claims related to students participating in G3 Robotics activities.  

Click here to access both forms.

It takes a lot of time, money, and volunteer hours to make our team successful. We build robots, travel to competitions, do outreach in the community, and provide scholarships to any student in need. Through sponsors, grants, and donations we help offset the financial needs of the team. Our expectation is for each family to participate by contributing to the best of their abilities. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways. Every parent is asked to complete the Parent Volunteer Form to tell us how you will contribute.

*** NEW MEMBERS ONLY *** G3 Robotics is an Exploring Post, under the auspices of Learning for Life, a District of Columbia nonprofit corporation. The Exploring program is part of Learning for Life's education resource program and provides liability insurance for G3 Robotics team members and mentors.  All G3 Robotics team members and mentors are required to join our Exploring Post.  The application only needs to be completed once, so only new team members should complete the form.  

G3 Robotics receives limited funding from the school system and must raise funds to support the team and provide travel scholarships for students who need them. Traveling with the team to competition inspires and energizes students and strengthens the bond among teammates. We believe no student should miss out on this opportunity for growth as a member of the team due to a financial burden placed on their family. Need-based scholarship assistance is available by request. Parents must contact a coach no later than September 29.  See the Summary of Costs for more information.