What is Jr. FLL?

At the K-3 level kids may participate in an event called Jr.FLL. During this event kids research and build an imitation, using legos, of the topic give that year. This competition is a great way to get kids interested in math and science at a young age, and to get them to explore their community outside of their current bounds.

More Information

Junior FLL interest flyer

Starting a Team

Teams often consist of 5-10 students, and 1-2 mentors. Teams will need at least 1 medium sized room to work and store parts and robots. Teams will, on average, spend $300 to kick start their team.


The cost to register a team is $75. If you would like to register a team please follow the instructions here : Jr.FLL registration

We host our own JR. FLL Exhibition at Grady High school on December 17, 2017. Entry is $50 per team. Sign up using the link below.

G3 Robotics Junior FLL Exhibition Registration 2017