• President - Kelly Crutcher

  • Secretary - Liz Opsahl

  • Treasurer - James Crutcher & Alyse Franklin

  • Head Coach - Dr. Craig Ogden (Andrew Nichols, Advisor)

  • Assistant Coaches: Kimberly Portee and Beverly Hayles


  • Grants - Kevin Hawke, Sarah Zaslow

  • Travel - Richard Aytch

  • Events - OPEN - Description: Make sure outreach and Gaming Gauntlet events have concessions and snacks by securing donations of snacks and organizing volunteers through sign-up genius.

  • Sponsors - OPEN (Kelly Crutcher advisor) : Follow up with current sponsors and help grow new partners to support the team. Make sure sponsors are thanked and recognized appropriately.

  • Volunteers - Rychard Aytch

Please email boosters@g3robotics.com if you are interested in serving on a committee. We need help with fundraising (sponsors), outreach events (FLL, DFG), travel, hospitality, volunteer coordinator and more!  THANK YOU!

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Approved Budget 2018-19


2017-18 Board of Directors

Thank you for your service! In our 14th year, we won State and could not have done it without your support!

  • President: Brodie Lang

  • Vice-President: Kelly Crutcher

  • Secretary: Amy Petris

  • Treasurer: James Crutcher

  • Head Coach/Faculty: Andrew Nichols

  • Hospitality: Kathy Fazenbaker

  • Hospitality: Aneli Nugteren

  • Outreach: Lee Martin

  • Outreach: Tathyanna Gomes-Johnson

  • Travel: Sharon Pierce

  • Grants & Sponsors: Kevin Hawke