Things to check if your drone isn’t working:

  • Make sure motors are spinning in the right direction (with the drone facing forward, the top left and bottom right should spin clockwise, and the top right and bottom left should spin counter-clockwise). Change the direction of any two wires between the motor and ESC to reverse direction.

  • Make sure the right props are attached. Props with “R” on the text on them should be on the clockwise motors, and props without the “R” should be on the counter-clockwise motors. The side of the props with the text should be facing up.

  • Make sure that the ESCs are plugged in correctly. With the drone facing forward, the front left motor is “Motor 1,” the front right is “Motor 2,” the back right is “Motor 3,” and the back left is “Motor 4.”

  • Make sure that the flight controller (KK2) is facing forward (There’s an arrow on it)’

  • In the flight controller settings, go to “Menu” > “Load Motor Layout” and select “Quadcopter X Mode”.

  • In the flight controller settings, go to “Menu” > “ACC Calibration” and follow the directions on screen. Make sure that the drone is on a flat surface and is not being touched during the calibration. Some flight controllers may say “Sensor calibration” instead of “ACC calibration.” Treat them as the same thing.

  • Make sure your flight controller is secured to the frame and does not move around during flight.

  • Make sure that your drone is armed. Move the right stick to the right-middle position and the left stick to the bottom-right position and hold.

  • Make sure all connectors are attached properly.

  • Props should be the same size and shape, and secured tightly to the motor

These are some issues that may be preventing your drone from working. Send us an email if you are still not able to get it to work.