General Information

In the VEX Competitions, teams of students are tasked with designing and building a robot to play against other teams from around the world in a game-based engineering challenge. Classroom STEM concepts are put to the test on the playing field as students learn lifelong skills in teamwork, leadership, communications, and more. Tournaments are held year-round at the regional, state, and national levels; local champions go on to compete at VEX Worlds each April!

Basic Team Requirements

The average team consists of 5-10 people in addition to 1-2 mentors. When starting VEX, a classroom dedicated to VEX is required for each team. VEX has a starting cost of $1,200, which is used to purchase VEX tool kits and registration. In addition,  $200 is required per year to sustain the team. 

More Information

For more information, please visit:

VEX Interest Flyer