MIT TechTV has a number of excellent machine shop training videos. To demonstrate your understanding and knowledge, you are required to take and pass an online quiz for each of the first three videos. Each quiz has nine questions. Your performance will not be graded online at the time you take the quiz. It will be graded later and the results returned to you.

To pass a quiz, you should answer correctly 7 of the 9 questions. If you do not pass the quiz, you must watch the video again and retake the quiz. If you are unable to pass the quiz on its retake, you should contact one of the mentors and review the video's topics.

Machining Skills for Prototype Development - Basic 1 (Duration 40:32)
Layout Techniques, Basic Tools: Drill Press, Band Saw, Belt Sander & Grinder, Locating and Drilling Holes, Tapping Holes

Video 1 

Quiz 1


Machining Skills for Prototype Development - Basic 2 (Duration 57:33)
Drilling Holes, Special Drills for Plastics and Hard or Abrasive Materials, Drill Press Limitations, Bandsaw, Suitable Speeds, Feeds and Materials, Band-saw Setup, Using the Drill Press Vise

Video 2

Quiz 2


Machining Skills for Prototype Development - Basic 3 (Duration 30:02)
Good Practice, Small Belt Sander Configurations, Grinder Operations and Materials, Deburring and Buffing, Finishing Techniques

Video 3

Quiz 3

Milling Machine Basics - There is no video associated with this quiz.  Hands-on training is required.  

If you are interested in developing advanced skills on the milling machine, we recommend the videos below:

Video 4 Machine Shop 4 - Milling Machine 1 (Duration 50:33)

Video 5 Machine Shop 5 - Milling Machine 2 (Duration 1:03:33)

Video 6 Machine Shop 6 - Milling Machine 3 (Duration 46:33)

Video 7 Machine Shop 7 - Milling Machine 4 (Duration 45:33)

Quiz 4


Additional Training

On top of the MIT videos our team has created many useful resources and tutorials

The Robot Design Process

Shop Tools

Drive Train Training

Scouting Training