competition TRAVEL Schedule & Fees | 2020

Click image to view game details

Click image to view game details

Please read the travel requirements and details below. Travel planning take a lot of time and coordination so please be responsive to requests for information.

  • March 1-3: Peachtree District Qualifier, Gainesville, G

  • March 21-23: Peachtree District Qualifier, Columbus, GA

  • April 4-6 (Spring Break) Peachtree District Championship

    • LakePoint Sports Complex in Emerson, GA

    • Schedule here

    • Required permission form here

  • April 17-20: FIRST World Championship, Houston, TX

    • Cost TBD ($450-650) - Details determined after State (April 6)


Click button to complete Travel Commitment Form. Houston travel details and availability TBD after April 6, 2019. Limited spots available. Priority given to team members with essential roles at competition (drive team, pit crew and chairmans presenters). Thank you for being flexible. Scroll down for details.

Click button to pay travel fees. Travel fees partially* cover transportation, lodging, food, and cost for chaperones and coaches to attend, as required. *Boosters cover a portion of travel expenses and scholarships through fundraising. Click here to apply for a travel scholarship (needs-based).


How to Complete FIRST Consent ONLINE. This must be done by a parent/guardian if under 18 yrs old.

1. Go to or click dark red button to the left

2. Login (top-right corner)

3. Login with your (parent) email and password

4. You are now at your Dashboard. You should see your child's name listed in a gray bar. If not assigned to a team, request to be assigned to TEAM 1648

5. Click on their name, then click "YOUTH OPTIONS" on the right. You should now see a drop-down menu. Click "Youth's Consent and Release."

6. You should now see the "2019 FIRST ... Form" and the "2019 Peachtree ... Form." Select "Consent & Release not signed" on the right to view, and submit, the Consent Form.

Also see A Guide For Help from FIRST.

Need Help? Call: 800-871-8326 or 603-666-3906 Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 5:00 EST/EDT

Travel requirements

Academics, Travel, and Refunds

Only students in good standing will be allowed to travel with the team. If a student is on probation for academic and/or behavioral reasons, they will not be permitted to travel.  Travel payments are non-refundable for any reason, so students should work hard to stay on top of their school work and fulfill all team commitments.  

Travel for Rookies

Rookies are encouraged to attend at least one event as traveling with the team is a galvanizing experience that develops team spirit and your commitment to be engaged with your team.

Travel Commitments

Student Team Members

Please discuss travel as a family and complete the a travel planning form by Thursday, January 12th (date extended due to holiday break).  You will be required to commit to events for both attendance and payment.  We cannot afford for students to drop off or ask to be added to trips at the last minute.  These trips are complex and expensive to execute, so it’s important for families to plan carefully in advance and realize the commitments they are making in time and dollars. We will not be able to reserve additional hotel rooms at some events.

Mentors and Parent Chaperones

Mentors and parents who would like to travel with the team as chaperones are asked to fill out this form as well.  We need at least one male and one female chaperone on each trip.  Parent chaperones and mentors may elect to pay their own trip fee, but it is generally assumed that the team will cover the cost.  Also, adults may elect to make their own travel arrangements at their own expense.  For Houston, we ask that all parents and mentors cover the cost of their own flight.

Travel Insurance

Families may elect to purchase travel insurance for the Houston trip starting at $75.  The base plan benefits include Trip Cancellation/Interruption/Delay, Baggage Loss/Delay, and Medical Expenses/Evacuation.  Travel insurance allows families to cancel up to 2 days prior to departure and get 75% back  on the nonrefundable airline tickets.  However, insurance must be purchased in January to receive this benefit.  Tell us at the end of the form below if you are interested in purchasing travel insurance.  Please see travel insurance website or call toll free 1-800- 228 9792 with any question you have.