Events & Payment Schedule

Here is a list of the trips that we have planned for the 2018 FRC Season:

  • March 2 - 4: Peachtree District Qualifier, Gainesville, GA
  • March 15 - 17: Peachtree District Qualifier, Albany, GA
  • April 5 - 7: Peachtree District Championship, Athens, GA during spring break.
  • April 18 - 22: FIRST Championship, Houston, TX 

Payment Schedule and Fees

These fees partially* cover the cost of transportation, lodging, and food.  *GRSA covers about 40% of the travel cost for all students through fundraising.  The indicated cost for families represents about 60% of the actual cost.  Additional scholarships are available upon request for half or all of the remaining cost.

  • January 15th: $250 due for Gainesville trip
  • February 15th: $250 due for Albany trip
  • March 15th: $250 due for Athens trip
  • March 15th: deadline to change/cancel flight reservations for Houston without full payment.
  • April 15th: $425 due for Houston tip.  This amount is subject to change.  The travel planning committee is still working to finalize the travel and lodging details for Houston.

Travel Restrictions

Academics, Travel, and Refunds

Only students in good standing with the team will be allowed to travel.  If a student is on probation for academic or behavioral reasons, they will not be allowed to travel.  Travel payments are non-refundable for any reason, so students should work hard to stay on top of their school work and fulfill all team commitments.  

Travel for Rookies

Rookies are invited to travel with the team to one qualifying tournament in March: either Gainesville or Albany.  If a rookie as no preference for one qualifying event over the other, they should reply "Will Attend" for both.  The rookie will then be assigned to one event depending on need.  All team members, including rookies, are encouraged to attend the Peachtree District Champs and FIRST Champs, but this is not required for rookies.  The experience of traveling with the team is a galvanizing experience that helps to develop team spirit and identity.

Travel Commitments

Student Team Members

Please discuss all of the above as a family and complete the a travel planning survey below before FRC Kickoff, Saturday, January 6.  You will be required to commit to events at that time for both attendance and payment.  Last year we had far too many students dropping off or asking to be added to trips at the last minute.  These trips are complex and expensive to execute, so it is important that families plan carefully in advance and realize the commitments they are making in time and dollars.

Mentors and Parent Chaperones

Mentors and parents who would like to travel with the team as chaperones are asked to fill out this form as well.  We need at least one male and one female chaperone on each trip.  Parent chaperones and mentors may elect to pay their own trip fee, but it is generally assumed that the team will cover the cost.  Also, adults may elect to make their own travel arrangements at their own expense.  For Houston, we ask that all parents and mentors cover the cost of their own flight.

Travel Insurance

Families may elect to purchase travel insurance for the Houston trip starting at $75.  The base plan benefits include Trip Cancellation/Interruption/Delay, Baggage Loss/Delay, and Medical Expenses/Evacuation.  Travel insurance allows families to cancel up to 2 days prior to departure and get 75% back  on the nonrefundable airline tickets.  However, insurance must be purchased in January to receive this benefit.  Tell us at the end of the form below if you are interested in purchasing travel insurance.  Please see travel insurance website or call toll free 1-800- 228 9792 with any question you have.